The Vortigaunts (taxonomic designation Xenotherium, or "Subservient Alien Beast") are a race of

A typical free Vortigaunt.

Biology Edit

Vortigaunts are bipedal, with three arms, two legs and a head. They have backward-jointed legs, like a bird, a long, thin fingers that end in claws. Vortigaunts have green-brown skin, four nipples.

History Edit

For as long as they can remember, the Vortigaunts have been enslaved. Hailing from an unknown plane .

They stayed hidden on Xen until the human scientists at Black Mesa opened a portal to it. The Nihilanth used this opportunity to begin invading Earth, sending hordes of Vortigaunts, headcrabs and other creatures into this new realm.

The death of the powerful Nihilanth actually made the rip in space-time worse, causing worldwide portal storms that

Language Edit

The Vortigaunt Language (called Vortigese by some) is not simply composed of words, as context is shown by using

Ah'Glaa - Basic, universal term for all Vortigaunts. It can be used as a greeting, a sign of joy, or basically anything. It is

Fho mah tosh - "I don't know."

Chur lung gong chella gurr? - "Can you repeat the question?"

Zekt - "Okay"

Ment - "Hurry!"

Tak' Helm - "Follow me."

Muna - "Humans."

Chronic - "Combine."

Ova'pah - "Food."

Gerr - "Go!"

Famasune - "Freedom."

Fakkasune - "Slavery."

Lestlah - "Soon."

Relationship with the Combine Edit

The Vortigaunts, like the humans, have been enslaved by the Combine, and do not take kindly of it. The
Sweeping Vort

A Vortigaunt enslaved by the Combine.

Combine mainly use Vortigaunts for cleaning and other menial tasks, and rarely, if ever, it's designated limits. However, if the Vortigaunt gains the attention and/or pity of a Resistance member or a kind Citizen, they may be able to free it.


A Vortigaunt refugee camp in the City 45 sewers.