SPAS-12 Edit


The SPAS-12 is a very powerful shotgun, using the 12-Gauge buckshot shell, also usable with many variants too. It was manufactured by Franchi S.p.A and was used by many police and military forces. When the Universal Union invaded, they eventually decided on using these shotguns primarily, presumably for their exceptional performance. The shotgun itself is a light, black model, with no stock (though the option of attaching one is available) and has a function of semi-automatic and pump-action firing modes. The semi-automatic mode is intended for more lethal rounds, like buckshot, flechette and slugs, whilst the pump-action is intended for bean-bag rounds and tear-gas rounds, which are less powerful and less wearing on the weapon. It can hold up to six shells. (Whether a server wishes to account for the 'double-shot' feature from Half-Life Two is up to them, however, it is certainly not realistic). It is used by the Civil Protection, usually for breaching and close-quarters engagements in hallways and rooms, and by the Resistance, in any sort of situation, for them. The best way to acquire it, however, is to either be, or take down a Overwatch Transhuman Arm unit using the weapon, as they are mainly equipped, especially the orange and maroon Shotgun Soldiers, which are easy to spot. It is a difficult weapon to attain and conceal, and the ammunition is the same deal. Unlike the real-life counterpart however, the SPAS-12 in Half-Life 2 can fire "both barrels" at the same time using right-click, even though the gun only has one barrel. The top cylindrical tube is the barrel, the bottom one is where the shells are stored.

Main Features:

  1. Usable with many shotgun munition variants
  2. Pump-action and semi-automatic modes, for weaker to stronger rounds.
  3. Night-sights, for easier target finding in low-light conditions
  4. Usable with a stock, or without
  5. Lightweight, sturdy frame

The shotgun is a rare weapon, rarely carried by the Civil Protection and the Resistance, but much more frequently carried by the Overwatch Transhuman Arm, more so by the distinctively colored Shotgun Soldiers.

The players will be required to load each individual shell into the port in the underside of the weapon, before loading the chamber by pumping the pump, and firing it using the trigger, and corresponding to the firing mode.