The RPG, as seen in Half-Life Two.


The RPG is an explosive weapon. It fires off rocket propelled grenades, which are guided by the weapon's laser-designation system. The weapon itself resembles a mix of the real-world Strela-3 and the AT4 rocket launchers. The main features include the long tube for launching the rocket and releasing its gases, the odd container by the trigger, supposedly used to control recoil, and the laser, which when pointed around, the rocket inside is designed to follow.

It is a very explosive weapon, and in Half-Life Two, is capable of taking down large numbers of units. The weapon fires orange and white rockets, which immediately after firing, will fly dud, before suddenly letting the back-end split, and releasing the fuel, which launches the rocket forward at high speeds. Realistically, these rockets could not only damage buildings, or make smaller buildings crumble, but also cause the human body to dismember, and if the profuse blood-loss doesn't kill the victim, shock will. When firing the weapon, a lot of recoil will be generated. Anyone behind the rocket launcher when will be blown back several feet by the vented gas, and will probably knock them out, crack bones, or even push the operator forwards. It is not recommended to use in urban environments, especially enclosed indoors or alleyways, considering the nature of the rockets.

Main Features:

  1. High explosive rockets
  2. Black finish
  3. Laser-guidance system
  4. Gas-dump on the back
  5. Shoulder-fire use

The RPG will not be used by any Universal Union units. However, their APC's will have built-in rocket launchers, utilizing the same rocket. The RPG will be used rarely by the Resistance. This is probably because the Resistance built the weapon, designed to use the Universal Union rockets.

The player must operate this by first loading the rocket by dropping it down, rear-end first, into the ejection tube, at the front. They must then ensure the guidance system and rocket launcher is working properly, before mounting it onto their shoulder, and firing.

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