A officer in most servers some use diffrent models

He's the above average unit. He has some basic authorizations, and is allowed to use a 9mm pistol, Shotgun or SMG (officer's choice). Wears a standard CP suit with a trenchcoat. This unit is equipped with upgraded Kevlar body armour.

SeC - Sectorial Commander

CmD - Commander. This is the Sectorials Successor.

DvL - Divisional Leader

SqL - Squadron Leader.

EpU - Elite Protection Unit.

OfC - Divisional Officer

05-01 - Ground Units

RCT - Recruit

(In order of authority)

If you are named: MPF-RCT.06196, you are the Default Rank (Recruit). If you change your name to: MPF-OfC.06196, you now become the Officer (OfC).

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