Johnny Nutmegg is an up-and-coming minge notable for raiding & crashing many servers in 2015, 2016, and 2017.  He is known specifically for using the Magic radio and many other exploits, along with usually going in solo or with a 3-man squad.  Notable dumb shit spurred from his minging are "punc", which is a purposeful misspelling of punch, and the use of the word nigger ic. his steam profile is currently unknown, and he supposedly has over 50 alternate accounts.

Johnny Nutmegg is also notable for his ownership of the self-titled "Johnny Nutmegg's Imperial Army." An excerpt from his group's discussions can be found below. This is what he calls his "shit list."

From priority status:
Furries - Top priority, Autism levels - 5
ERPers (any kind) - Top priority, Autism levels - 4.9
Bronies - Secondary main objective, Autism levels 4.5
Steven universe fans - Objective Bravo, Autism levels 4.2
Special snowflakes - Rare, Objective Charlie, Autism levels 4
Feminazi scum - Rare, Objective Delta, Autism levels 3.9
Fascist HL2RP admins - Common, Objective Echo, Autism levels 3.6
------------------OPTIONIAL TARGETS----------------------------------------
SJW faggots (including BLM nerds and muslim apologists) - Very rare, Autism levels 3.4
People that unironically worship Hitler - Very very rare, Autism levels 3.2
Brazilians, Common, Autism levels 3.0
Russians, Common, Autism levels 2.8
Weeaboos, Common, Autism levels 2.6
Serbians/Turks/Bosniggers, Slightly uncommon, Autism levels 2.4
Literal autists, Slightly uncommon, Autism levels 2.1
Nigger Christians, Uncommon, Autism levels 2.0
Muslims, Uncommon, Autism levels 1.9
Shitty memers, Common, Autism levels 1.6 (Levels may vary, be warned)
Germans that love Merkel, Very Uncommon (not rare), Autism levels 1.5
Libtards, Common(?), Autism levels 1.3
Conservtards, Common(?), Autism levels 1.3
Annoying Brits, Common, Autism levels 1.0
Little kids that dab, Possibly uncommon, rarely documented, Autism levels 1.0
Anything else below a 1.0 rating must and should be documented.

Each termination will result in glory and honor with a bonus to kool kid status 

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