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Welcome to the Community HL2RP wiki page, on here you can write anything about HL2RP on this wiki, please make sure what you post is accurate in HL2RP. This is an un-official wiki and therefore does not hold the official status. This wiki was created to help new players and make a massive knowledgebase for our users, also it keeps people entertained as there is always something they can update. This Wiki has a Bureaucrat (Salami32) . From all of us at the admin den we say, Enjoy your stay!

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Civil Protection    

Citizen Life


What is HL2RP?

HL2RP is set in the HL2 universe. The Combine have taken over earth in 7 hours. They are a superior race with more technology than the humans will have in a big time.

There are no more “Cops”, the guys you see with metal masks and a uniform are Civil-Protection Officers who are human but have decided to join the Combine forces. Some Combine humans, such as the Overwatch, have had various brain washings and organ transplants. This makes them more obedient and combat-ready.

The Combine enforces Civil Law Codes and detains citizens who act rebellious. The Combine are not your friend so don’t run up to them saying “Can I have a hug?”, the Combine Unit will probably just beat you. Their goal is to control humanity, moving on to planet after planet.

There are several playable factions:

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