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This is a combine standard Ground Unit. With ranks differing between 10 and 01.

What is HL2RP?

HL2RP is set in the HL2 universe. The Combine have taken over earth in 7 hours. They are a superior race with more technology than the humans will have in a big time.

There are no more “Cops”, the guys you see with metal masks and a uniform are Civil-Protection Officers who are human but have decided to join the Combine forces. Some Combine humans, such as the Overwatch, have had various brain washings and organ transplants. This makes them more obedient and combat-ready.

The Combine enforces Civil Law Codes and detains citizens who act rebellious. The Combine are not your friend so don’t run up to them saying “Can I have a hug?”, the Combine Unit will probably just beat you. Their goal is to exterminate humanity as it is and then move on to the next planet, they show now mercy and you will fear them.

There are several playable factions:

Who are you?

At the start, you are a citizen in a City. The Combine controls you and beats you at every step in the wrong direction. First, you will do passive RP, talking to people, interacting with objects and get your rations (1A).

As a human, you have several basic needs, most important are:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sleep

Even though you do not have to eat/drink/sleep, it doesn't mean your character doesn't need it.


Rations are packets filled with goodies which everything citizens want. Rations will be distributed every 2 hours (In-game time) if the required resources are met.

A ration contains:

  • 60 tokens (The HL2RP currency)
  • Citizen Supplements (Food)
  • Breen's Water (Drink)

Before entering rations you are asked to apply, this means you have to give your name and CID, your Citizen ID is in your F1-menu.

Foods and drinks

The Combine have banned all foods and drinks that wasn't issued by them. So the only legal food and drinks are the one you gain from Combine resources. (Ration dispenser/Breen's water vending machine/CWU shop/Personal shop) The water at the trainstation contains brain-washing content, making you forget.


This actually requires no explanation, I hope. There are enough appartments in the City and they contain a bed. You roleplay sleep by lying on the bed with the /charfallover command.

The Factions


At the beginning this seems harder than it is, but do not fear, the guide is here.
You're a citizen in the HL2 universe, your main goal is to make a living under the opression of the Combine. You can be neutral, meaning you just follow their rules and try to survive, you can be an anti-citizen or a loyalist.
Meaning you can just follow the rules, make it hard for the Combine or make those rules your life.


An anti-citizen is against the combine rules and laws. He is to be arrested on sight and catching/reporting an anti-citizen will give you a ration reward. The anti-citizen can be part of the Resistance, but can also be on him or herself. About the Resistance, not much is known, they are an underground band of people, who make it as hard as possible for the Combine and eventually stop them.

Loyalist/CWU Member

Loyalist live by the combine rules, they never do anything wrong and report every rulebreaking they see. Yet they don't join the Resistance as infiltrator, they would be too scared of the Combine labeling them as rebel too. They are afraid to break any rules, the same counts for the CWU members.
Their main goal is to be safe and get the best treatment from the Combine.

Combine roleplay

Civil Protection/City Administrator

The Combine have the role of punishing anti-civil behaviour, to join the combine you first must be a well-know good RPer and then make an application on the forum on most servers. The commanders decide if you're fit for Combine. If so, you will get a whitelist and you'll be able to play a Combine faction character.

The Combine ranks

  • RCT (Recruit)
  • 05-01 (Ground Units)
  • EpU (Elite Protection Unit)
  • OfC (Field Officer)
  • SqL (Squad Leader)
  • DvL (Division Leader)
  • CmD (Commander)
  • SeC (Sector Commander)
Overwatch Transhuman Arm

These units are simply robots, built to made orders and they're the best humanoid combat units in the Combine army, they take orders from DpL units and higher, they are highly feared and known two ranks. The Elite Overwatch (EOW) and the Overwatch Soldier (OWS). They protect the CA, the City and high priority people. Most information is classified, it is know that the OTA unit is brainwashed and robotic. They are highly loyal and there is zero percent chance that these units will turn against the Combine.

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