Crossbow HL2

A Loaded Crossbow

A crossbow is a weapon designed to fire large bolts instead of bullets. It operates with a mechanism similar to a bow.

In Half-Life Two, the Resistance have manufactured their own type of Crossbow using parts found laid around. The model has a battery on the underside, a scope on the top, a tight firing mechanism, and a stock.

When the bolt is loaded into the weapon, the battery on the underside will heat the bolt to seething hot temperatures, causing the bolt to glow red. When fired, this will release extra kinetic energy, allowing the bolt to travel faster, and increase penetration, and the bolt itself will manage to even pierce the hardest of metal.

Main Features:

  1. A lightweight frame used from scrap metal
  2. Custom bolts
  3. A battery to heat up the bolts
  4. A scope for long-range engagements
  5. A stock for recoil control

The Universal Union does not manufacture this weapon. There is no chance you will find a Civil Protection Officer or an Overwatch Transhuman Arm unit carry, operate or have any knowledge on this weapon. They will only be found on Resistance members.

To use the weapon, the player must first pull back on the shooting string, letting it sit behind the trigger. They must then (depending if the model operates like the one used in Half-Life Two) turn on the underside battery. After doing so, the player lets the bolt sit in front of the pulled-back shooting string.

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