2011-05-08 00008

The Combine lock is a door lock used in addition to a door handle that mechanically prevents the door from being opened, unless it is disabled by a Civil Protection officer. They are used prolifically throughout Combine cities to control citizen movement, and can also explode when triggered to, allowing for a more forceful entry. They also explode when sustaining too much damage.

The locks show different colours for their 'Status'.

Red - Locked

Green - Unlocked

No light - Off, Unavailable

Blue - Union lock, can be unlocked with a Union Card

Flashing red light - Tampering or when the lock overloads

Civil Protection Units are the only ones able to lock and unlock the Combine Lock (some Combine locks can be open with a union card givien to CWU and is considered contraband to citizens). The lock utilizes a scanning system which scans a Units Biosignal, if the Biosignal is of CCA Status, it will automatically unlock. This is usually done by moving directly in front of it.

When installed upon a door it will first latch onto the door by moving mechanical talons through the crack of the door, which hold it on. Afterwards, a mechanical beam is shoved into the locking mechanism, this jams the lock and when opened, the beam will come out of the lock.