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The Civil Workers' Union is a faction that is mainly based on supporting citizen needs and the official citizen-friendly businesses. The Civil Workers' Union sometimes initiates projects to bring humanitarian relief and small comforts to the populaces of Combine-controlled cities, including public utility improvement projects, a City newspaper, and the only (legal) shops in the cities (due to the extremely limited, communist-like economy which the Universal Union practices).

Despite their concern for the populace, members of the CWU (Short for Civil Workers' Union) are firmly loyal to the Universal Union and are considered to be the most trustworthy citizens by the Metropolice Force. As such, they are granted special privileges in some cities, including priority in ration queues (though the rations do not differ) and housing blocks that are of a higher standard than those of typical citizens depending on the whim of any particular city's administration.

Entry to the CWU is dependent on a city and its current CWU leadership - certain chapters, for example, require only application and a trial time of service to the Union, whilst others required proven records of loyalty and service to the Combine.


Most cities (servers) require that CWU members wear their Civil Worker's Union Uniform and carry their badge at all times to identify them from the regular populace. This allows them to take part in the benefits of CWU membership.The Combine also supply the CWU with Union cards that allow them to open certain combine locks and turn on or off the ration machine (although if a CWU is caught doing this they will be punished).

CWU ShopsEdit

The Civil Workers' Union runs a chain of shops which sell to the citizenry items which are legal but not obtainable in rations. These include:

Breen's Water ( x Tokens )

Smooth Breen's Water ( x Tokens ) *

Special Breen's Water ( x Tokens ) *

Bandages ( 15 Tokens )

Request Devices ( 10 Tokens )

Backpacks ( 20 Tokens )

Bags ( 15 Tokens )

Suitcases ( x Tokens )

Other items the Civil Worker's Union can also sell but only between themselves. This only applies to some servers.

Stationary Radios( x Tokens ) *

Handheld Radios( x Tokens ) *

- Civil Worker's Union Uniform ( x Tokens ) *

.* = Contraband/Not sold to the general populace

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