The City Civil Administrator or City Administrator is not anything but a human...For citizens the Administrator is the highest command. The Combine do this to make the citizens feel safer.

Wallace Breen,the main administrator in Half-Life 2.


Administrators are directly appointed by Wallace Breen or the SeC. Each Administrator has a headquarters of their own in the city they co-own- for the Administrators of larger cities, such as Cities 8 and 11, 17, 18 this means the Citadel. For those in smaller cities, such as 23 and 45, this will mean an office in the local Overwatch Nexus. From this point, they are able to carry out and see to the day-to-day affairs of the city they have been tasked with running and ensuring everything is running smoothly. Some Administrators have "Interns" or "Assistants" Who are minor figures with low authority who act as a "helper" or a propaganda figure. These are usually deserviced high ranked units, in service high rank units, high ranked Civil Workers Union members or a extremely loyal, trusted and brainwashed citizen.


The concern (or lack thereof) for the general populace show by the Administrations is entirely dependent on the Administrators themselves; Dr. Breen, for example, is very cynical and self-centered and feels little empathy for the citizenry, ensuring a general atmosphere of cold efficiency and order. In other sectors, however, the atmosphere may be slightly or even far more hospitable, though the chances of a citizen getting transferred to such a city is entirely up to chance.