Three regular citizens; two male, one female.

Citizens are humans that live under control of the Combine. They are forced to have the bare minimum of food and supplies. They are extremely oppressed and usually do not have the spirit to fight back. Citizens are usually weak from malnutrition, and spend much of their time either talking to each other, working at Combine factories, or simply walking around. They are the lowest priority when it comes to protection, as opposed to loyalists, or Civil Workers.

Loyalist Edit

Loyalists are the citizens who are loyal to the Union. This can be done through tasks such as working by cleaning up the streets or assisting a unit/fellow citizen in labor, reporting in crimes; it all depends on the server. It can also be revealed that some loyalists may not be loyal to the Union, they may just want better food, clothes, housing, etc. Loyalists are rewarded with a system known as LOYALTY POINTS, awarded by Civil Protection officers for keeping peace and preventing crimes, or just benefiting the Union somehow. Points are awarded based on how much the citizen did to help. For example, cleaning up graffiti and trash may only get you 2-3 points, while saving the life of a unit or City Administrator can get you up to 50 LP.

Rebels Edit

Rebels, or the Resistance, are the citizens who have broke away from the Universal Union, meaning they have become an "anti-citizen". They can do this by buying/stealing weapons and supplies, creating anti-Combine propaganda, trying to escape the city to the slums, or maybe even outright killing CPs. It should also be noted that being a rebel is extremely dangerous and being revealed to the Union is punishable by death and, depending on the server, a raid of the slums.

Regular Citizens Edit

Regular Citizens are exactly what the name suggests; regular citizens. They live in the oppressive Combine

Citizens infobox-1-

Typical citizens in a Combine-controlled city: the second and fourth are wearing the typical uniform, while the first and third wear the CWU uniform; the fourth is carrying a ration.

society and do nothing to help or remove it. They simply go about their business, trying to survive another day. Because they are mostly neutral, they tend to fall easily into Rebel or Combine hands and be convinced to join their side. Some are too neutral, meaning no matter what you try, they won't side with any side.