20080206165021!HalfLife2 City17 Street

City 17, with the Citadel in the background.

Cities,also known as Metropolitan Areas,are large, Combine-controlled communities.Each city has a Nexus and often local Resistance cells.Union forces and large walls keep cities safe from alien wildlife like antlions and non-docile headcrabs.

List of Major CitiesEdit

City 1:"Located in New York City, New York. The Combine use the city's density and grid infrastructure to keep citizens in Line. Also Know as CNCT"

City 2:"Located in Florence, Italy. The billboards around express the Italian language and also the construction style."

City 3:"Located in Moscow, Russia."

City 7:"Located in Berlin, Germany."

City 8:"Located in the former capital of Tokyo,Japan. For remark is it's extensive sewer systems and tightly packed apartment complexes."

City 10:"Located in St. Petersburg, Russia."

City 11:"A small but packed city located somewhere in Mid-Eastern Europe,most likely in Eastern Czechoslovakia or somewhere in Hungary."

City 12:"Located in Seoul, South Korea."

City 14:"Located in Paris, France."

City 17:"A rather large metropolitan area in Eastern Europe, located in Kiev, Ukraine."

City 18:"A large,yet relatively poor urban settlement located in the former city of Stockholm in Sweden."

City 19:"Located in Venice, Italy."

City 21:"Located in Madrid, Spain."

City 22:"Located in Prague, Czech Republic."

City 23:"Located in Mumbai, India."

City 24:"Located in Lisbon, Portugal."

City 29:"Located in Los Angeles, USA."

City 33:"Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil."

City 34:"Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam."

City 35:"Located in Hong Kong, China."

City 36:"Located in Toronto, Canada."

City 40:"Located in Melbourne, Australia."

City 45:"A very large and productive city in the midwestern United States.Frequent and brutal antlion attacks have forced the local Combine Nexus to install massive thumpers within the city's walls."

City 48:"Located in Monterrey, Mexico."

City 50:"Located in Lima, Peru."

City 74:"Located in Warsaw, Poland."

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