Breen's Water is a drink that comes from a vending machine (you can see a can of water in Half - Life 2 if you press E also on a vending machine.) It makes your Citizen Character more compliant, if you drink it. Some of the vending machines can give out other waters instead of the original like: Smooth Breen's Water and Special Breen's Water.

Smooth Breen's Water has a drop of seawater to give the Smooth effect.

All types, except "Special" Breen's Water has this compliance effect.

The effect is removed for Special Breen's Water.

Special Breen's Water has a drop of seawater and a drop of Breen's phlegm. The phlegm is collected whenever he gets a cold(Pretty often since C17 is cold.)

The abbrievation, seen on the cans and machines, is <B.