The Bob Good Militia was a relatively small minging cell created around the same time that HL2RP came out, according to ex-militia members. This was a group of 10-20 people that would join servers in groups, usually using teamspeak and skiddie cheats from MPGH. This group was dedicated to making HL2RP a more fun experience by minging and causing havoc. A few of the members have recorded and uploaded their mingery to YouTube, which gained them significant fame over the years. They have taken over and completely destroyed servers many times in their lifetime, but as of now, are defunct. The group was disbanded after Bob supposedly grew out of HL2RP and GMOD in 2015 or 16. The group was disbanded and the members had no leader, so they went their seperate ways. Most of them have also given up on GMOD; the last vestige of their enjoyment with the game being their time in the militia. Some, though, have striven on. Either by making scripts for solo-minging, or joining new organizations like the Army to minge once again in large groups.