Bio-Signal Edit

The Bio-Signal is a device, planted into the head/brain of a Civil Protection Unit. It will monitor every move they do. Monitoring things such as: "Talking, walking, running, hearing, and memory". Once the Bio-Signal device is inside a Unit's head/brain, it can not come out, unless it is cut out.

Unit Down Edit

If a Civil Protection Unit is killed, the Bio-Signal will create a "Beeping" sound, collecting data, and telling the Nexus and other Units, that Unit's location of death. (It's best for other Units to go to the downed Unit's location to investigate.)

Example Edit

*A Unit is walking down the sidewalk*

*A Resistance member comes out of nowhere, and shoots the Civil Protection officer.

Dispatch: "Lost Bio-Signal to Protection Team Unit: 57. Down on block 8." | "Unit 57 de-serviced, remaining Units contain."

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