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Usage Edit

Beer is an alcoholic substance sometimes consumed by Citizens for its intoxicating effect, or as a cooking ingredient. Due to its alcohol content, it has some potential to be used as a disinfectant if nothing else is available. It is also somewhat flammable, suitable for use as a firestarting aid or as an explosive ingredient. The UU is known for using reserves of traditionally low-quality beer from the former nation of Canada as a tool in "enhanced interrogation" of Anti-Citizens.

Gameplay Edit

To use a Beer, either click on one in your inventory and choose the "Use" context button OR look at a dropped Beer, press "E", and choose the "Use" context button.

By default, there are no effects upon use.

Contraband Status Edit

Because beer is not found in UU-issued rations, it is considered by the Combine to be low-level contraband.