Rp city80000

3 Boxes of 4.6x30mm 1 Pulse Orb 3 Bolts 1 Pulse.

Crossbow bolts:

Made from metal they are heated,They can kill a unaware target easly,Used by Resistance


Ammunition used by MP7,They are very powerful they are armor periecing ammo,Used by Civil Protection and Resistance.


Small bullet they are blocked easly by body armor,They are used by Civil Protection and Resistance Members.


Can be used with AR2 they are painful and can kill a person in 3 shoots,Used by Sector 8 Overwatch.

Pulse Orb.

A deadly orb used by Overwatch.

.357 Hollow Point magnum.

Theres no way you can survive a shoot to the head from this baby.

The .357 cartridge is a very deadly cartridge no body armor saves you from a full penetration if you see someone with a magnum seek cover and don't take risks.

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